Special equipment

Following additional military equipment can be ordered with the car:

  • Ring-mount for 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine gun
  • 7.62mm machine gun swing-arm
  • Cargo cage with fuel and water tanker holders
  • Special brackets and holders for radio equipment and antennas
  • Spare wheel, spade and axe brackets
  • AT4 anti-tank weapon brackets
  • Mil-spec interior lighting with infrared and red/blue dimming light

When designing VR FOX military car, many NATO standards were taken into consideration. Vehicle is equiped with black-out lights, is suitable for air-drops, and can be ordered equipped with 24V charging sockets, antenna holders etc. Cargo compartments under the seats can accommodate NATO standard ammunition boxes.

Special brackets for NATO-spec antennas. Cargo cage for additional petrol tankers and soldier’s equipment. Designated place for 50-cal ring-mount. Removable A pillar to operate machine gun. Integrated winch for better off-road capabilities. FOX has it all