VR CARS is a company designing and manufacturing innovative VR FOX army vehicle. Vehicle has market-best driving abilities and off-road capabilities, and is mainly meant for special forces, radio communication and intelligence service needs.


VR FOX is a military four-wheel-drive people carrier, developed and adapted to army needs in its very smallest detail. Design and functionality are tailor-made to ensure safety, sustainability and to meet all NATO standards.

Interior of the car has been designed around a soldier, with main focus on easy entry-exit, safety and driving comfort.

FOX is equipped with various high-tech systems that help to navigate through difficult terrain, such as narrow places in forests, swamps and even water up to 1m deep.


About us

VR Cars, previously known as Vagi Racing, has been well-known suspension specialists for years and have produced several racing cars. Founder of Vagi Racing – Mr. Ali Jansons – has worked as suspension engineer in different international car races, including World Rallycross Championship. Experience and knowledge of VR Cars enables us to engineer, design and develop car from scratch.